Osatek Ky was founded in 1990. 2017 We changed the company form to Oy(Ltd).

Good products

spx logoSPX POWER TEAM : An American 1912 founded tool company, which since its founding has gained experience in manufacturing industrial maintenance tools. In 1924, the company began to develop hydraulic jack products. A global organization ensures a safe choice.


SIMSON: A Swedish hydraulic jack manufacturer who in the 1950s began producing its bestseller. It´s small sized, compact and high quality jack.


jung logoJUNG: A German lifting and transport equipment manufacturer founded in 1972 which has knowledge of machinery lifting jacks and transfer trolleys.


svero logoSVERO: Swedish 1955 founded Scandinavia's largest beam trolley supplier with a strong decades of experience with beam trolleys and other lifting equipment.


TANGYE, MAXIMATOR, EXTRACTIL, PRIMUSand other related products.

For the customer

Our main products are hydraulic jack technology and related maintenance tools as well as lifting and handling equipment. We choose our products for a professional user community. We focus on marketing our high quality products, reliable deliveries and cost-effective pricing. We believe that our strong specialization is beneficial to all parties: users, suppliers and manufacturers of products. We strive for long-term customer relationships based on the level of service that our knowledge of the industry and products allows.

Quality guarantee

Osatek and our suppliers philosophy is "Total Quality Leadership", which requires high quality standards in all areas: design, procurement, manufacturing, sales and service. The parties are committed to continuous improvement of quality, customer satisfaction and cost-effectiveness.

Product warranty

Power Team Lifetime Marathon Warranty is the lifetime warranty for all products manufactured by Power Team for defects in manufacturing and materials. The life of the product ends when it no longer works due to normal usage. Complete warranty terms can be found in the Power Team product catalog.

Simson Compact Warranty is for three years with regard to manufacturing and material defects in cylinders and pistons, provided that the products are serviced and used according to the instructions.

Jung warranty is for five years for all jacks and transfer trolleys, provided that the products are used according to the instructions.


Goods to be sent in maintenance must be delivered with freight paid and provided with a service description to find out the desired maintenance work / failure.

There is no actual periodic inspection to hydraulic jacks according to the decision of the government of Finland. According to the Osatek / Power Team manual, a visual inspection of the tool must be performed once a month and the oil change every 300 hours or at least once a year. Osatek also maintenance all our products and we recommend basic or oil change service once a year. This ensures the functionality, safety and longevity of the device.